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As a student of Wicca for almost eight years now, I feel that I should share my path with others. Many things you will find here are prayers and articles I have written over the years, and I hope you find them useful. Wicca is a path of beauty and magick and if it's your path, I hope you find it as fulfilling as I do.

If you have never heard of the religion of Wicca, there are many great explanations of it on the web, but I will summarize it here for you: Wicca is an Earth Based Spirituality, meaning that we have no Bible. Our Gods, the God and Goddess teach us each individually and don't require any books. We find our Gods in Nature, and within ourselves. We celebrate our Gods with ritual eight times a year when the seasons change, and half way between each season. Because we drawl upon ancient mythology for divine sources, Wicca is a Neo-Pagan faith. We see all Gods and Goddess of the past as aspects of our Great God and Great Goddess. Wicca is also a mystery school. By mystery I do not mean "secrets" for a secret is information withheld. A mystery is something that can not be explained by a book, it must be directly experienced to be understood. Wicca is a magick positive religion that recognizes that there is an energy inherent in the universe and that we can use to transform our lives and our world. Some call magick witchcraft, but I see it as a more evolved form of prayer.

Gaia Goddess of the Earth

The quiz is kinda dumb, but I liked the image on my results, and it does fit me. I am most like Gaia. I have even dressed up like Mother Nature for Earth Day!  Mother Nature is an aspect of the Wiccan Goddess though I don't typicaly call her Gaia unless I am litterly talking about the Earth.


I am currently a student at ,  and online school in the Correllian Tradition of Wicca. I am working on my First Degree, which will then make me a member of their tradition. I am pleased with their online school, and mentoring program. I feel like I am actually working on a concrete path as opposed to drifting from book to book. There is a cost involved but it is reasonable. Eventually I hope to take their other classes and become ordained clergy.

The Mother's Prayer by Mimi Doe

Dearest Goddess, 
May I empower my child with love as I open my
heart to all the love you constantly supply me.
May I remain compassionate and mindful without losing my self.
Please grant me energy to craft a life that is
full of love and support for my child without
pressure or control.
Help me to overcome my limitations so that I might
encourage my child to be all that he/she was created to be.
I have done the best I can.
I now allow you to work through me to create the
highest and the best for my family.
I release any concern and place my child's precious
spirit in your hands.
I am open, alert, and available for all possible
good to flow into my life and the life of my family.
I give thanks knowing all is well.
 So Mote It Be!

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Last Updated: May 11, 2004
This is a new project for me, so check back often as I update the site. 

Mother Athena

Many do not think of Athena as a Mother Goddess, but in this picture from a Greek artifact, you see Athena adopting a child from Gaia. Athena raises this boy to be the first king of Athens. Athena is my Patron Goddess, and this image is sitting framed on my altar. I chose Athena because I believe that the Gods are our advisors, that they don't interfere with our free will, or our actions, but that by listening to them, they can guide us to make the best decisions. What better Goddess than Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom?  Also, Athena is very egalitarian, she works with many male leaders in her myths, and equality between the sexes is important to me.

Cult of Athena

Blessed Be!